Environmental site assesments

A complete Environmental Site Assessment can involve various Phases, depending upon the size, type, construction and location of the property; the past and present intended use(s) of the property; and availability and access to complete records.

Phase I

The Phase I ESA is a visual commercial property condition assessment designed as a cost effective overview of a site which should identify potential environmental hazards and/or past practices that may prove to be a potential liability. A typical Phase I ESA involves no collection of samples or testing and is limited to information available through public sources, interview or first hand observation.

Phase II

A Phase II essentially proves or disproves allegations arrived at during the Phase I. Simply put, a Phase I raises red flags and a Phase II reviews those red flags. A Phase II typically involves collection of soil and/or groundwater samples for analytical testing in accordance with EPA regulations. Each Phase II is developed based upon the specific site conditions and includes only applicable tests and investigations. Phase II assessment qualitatively confirms environmental impairments and liabilities resulting from the Phase I and yields basic projections of remediation costs.

Sub-Surface Investigations

Includes but not limited to gathering and analyzing soils, soil gases and groundwater. Well monitoring and reporting services are included in this category. Work can be in response to a Phase II directive or part of the ā€œEā€ designation investigations for properties within the five boroughs.

Commercial/Residential Testing

VE Science can provide surface soils testing for a wide variety of contaminants including herbicides and pesticides, C of O drinking water testing, radon testing and asbestos content tests.

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