Site clean ups

VE Science is committed to providing environmentally responsible solutions to sources of potential contamination, in compliance with all federal and state regulations.

Petro-Chemical Management

VE Science provides management and project oversight of chemical and petroleum spills, both commercial and residential. Provide proper documentation and testing services for NYSDEC spill closure.

Bio-hazardous Management

VE Science provides management and project oversight for the proper response to crime scene, fungal (mold) and bacterial clean ups.

Lab Packs and Disposal

Over time, many organizations, including laboratories, hospitals, warehouses, schools, medical facilities or factories, accumulate small containers of hazardous chemicals such as solvents, reagents, paints, thinners, dyes, inks acids, bases, cleaners, strippers etc. This waste material must be properly disposed and documented.

The VE Science lab-packing process is:

Categorizing small containers of chemicals, solvents, industrial supplies.
Repackaging and packing them into proper drums with compatible absorbent;
Over packing leaking or damaged drums; labeling and preparing the drums to be shipped for disposal;
Providing complete paperwork (manifests, shipping inventories, MSDS etc.) for shipment.
Provide transportation and disposal, with proof of final disposition.

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