Air Quality Testing

By constructing buildings with an eye to efficiently containing heating and cooling, we also have contained irritants and odors. VE Science can provide investigation and testing services for the identification and remedial action for both biological and chemical irritants in what is commonly referred to as “sick building syndrome”.

Petro-chemical testing

VE Science can provide testing, analysis and review of a wide variety of airborne, water borne and sub-surface chemical agents,

Biological Testing

VE Science can provide both surface and airborne testing, analytical and review services for various biological agents.

Mold Investigations

VE Science has the ability to simplify and demystify the various mold testing services. We provide common sense solutions to a complex issue with options tailored to specific needs. In addition to testing, we provide reviews, remedial protocols, expert witness, investigation and reporting services.

Mechanical Hygiene

VE Science can establish a pro-active indoor air quality program through (IAQ) testing and a remedial program plan to help you stay ahead of your building’s indoor air quality issues. You can reduce resident and employee complaints by improving the quality of air in your buildings. VE Science can identify and prioritize your requirements and help establish realistic strategies, budgets and time frames.

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